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You will receive a one-of-a-kind facial customized for your individual needs.

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Back Facial
Back Facial
Our Price: $40.00

Back Facial : 40 minute
This unique treatment is designed to remove dead skin cells and clean pores, specifically on the back and shoulders.
Classic Facial
Classic Facial
Our Price: $45.00

Classic Facial : $45.00 - 30 minute
A mini facial designed to refresh, cleanse and moisturize your skin. Perfect for a quick break or to keep your complexion in balance between full facials.
Teen Facial
Teen Facial
Our Price: $45.00

Teen Facial : 30 minute
Includes a deep pore cleansing to aid in the improvement of acne-related skin problems. The result is cleaner, clearer skin.
Alpha/Beta or Glycolic Peeling
Alpha/Beta or Glycolic Peeling
Our Price: $55.00
Members Price: $40.00

A unique anti-aging and skin correcting treatment using fruit enzymes to remove the top layer of dead skin cells revealing clearer looking skin. This treatment helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and minimize pigmentation and scarring.
European Facial
European Facial
Our Price: $75.00

European Facial :   60 minute
A relaxing facial that uses steam vapor to open pores, allowing deep cleansing, exfoliation and extraction of blemishes. A nutrient rich skin-specific masque tones and tightens the facial skin to bring you amazing results, followed by moisture defense and sunsreen.
Facial Cupping Face Lift Treatment
Facial Rejuvenation Cupping
Our Price: $75.00

Facial Cupping - Face Lift Treatment

This gentle, but effective treatment that makes us look and feel youthful and radiant. I use a light suction technique, as an all-natural alternative to a surgical facelift or laser and chemical treatments. It tones your facial muscles and reduces under eye puffiness. It can literally give you a face lift by improving the blood circulation to your facial muscles. This treatment is a very unique way of turning back the hands of time.

What's in it for you?

This relaxing facial treatment increases circulation and nutrients to the skin, increases lymphatic flow, and reduces inflammation. By increasing blood flow and circulation to the skin, your skin will regain its youthful appearance. Results are seen and felt immediately. All my clients are impressed by its subtle power and incredible results.

What are the benefits?

Reduce puffiness Firm jowls

Lift muscles Minimize wrinkles

Reduce dark circles Plump lip

Minimize under-eye bags Diminish facial scare

Benefits You Can Expect:

- Relaxes tension in facial muscles, easing expression lines

- Improves blood circulation to head and neck.

- Plumps wrinkles and facial lines

- Lift Sagging Face (cheek-lift, eyelid-lift, jowl-lift)

- Tones up and evens out the jaw-line

- Facial glow as fresh nutrients brought to the epidermis

- Tighten pores

- Drains stagnant fluid to ease puffiness and reduce edema

- Increases collagen production for youthfulness

- Improves elasticity to tighten loose skin

- Soften and reduce scar tissue

- Clear Acne

- Rectify Rosacea

- Tighten ‘loose’ veins that appear red on skin surface

- Reduce headaches and migraines

- Relieve sinus issues

- Increases lymphatic drainage around the face

How does it work?

Glass suction tubes designed for the face are used to rhythmically and gently vacuum tissues of the face, neck and upper chest. The suction created, lifts, tones, and plumps muscles. It relaxes facial muscles and plumps the lines father time has etched on your face. It moves toxins and stagnant blood out, and ushers new nutrient-enriched blood and fluids in, to detoxify your face thereby repairing and nourishing your face. Its deep invigorating action increases elastin and collagen preserving our youthfulness. It reverses gravity's effects on your face, like hanging upside would giving a youthful glow. It gives your face a lymphatic drainage and increases circulation, resulting in a clearer, cleaner, more even complexion with such beautiful color you will forget to wear makeup!

It’s completely painless and leaves no marks.


Lines and wrinkles will plump, whereas scar tissue will soften, yielding lasting results and a deep relaxing treatment. The muscles of the face benefit greatly from the reduction of tension and tightness, releasing expression lines and loosening rigid TMJ muscles.

Advanced Facial
Advanced Facial
Our Price: $110.00

Advanced Facial/ Anti Aging Facial or Alpha/Beta/ Glycolic Facial - 90 minute
A luxurious full facial treatment that offers gradual skin resurfacing and skin correcting benefits. The process involves deep cleansing of pores to draw out impurities and uses fruit enzymes to remove the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal clear and radiant skin
Facial Program
Facial Program
Our Price: $300.00

Facial Program  – 6 week
Get dramatic improvement in your skin condition with our 6 weeks program. Your program includes 2-Advanced Facial to address your skin’s specific needs and series of 4 Alpha/Beta or Glycolic Peel treatments (25 minute each)
Scheduled 7 to 10 days apart.